Hi and welcome to Upstart Studios. As you navigate the site, you'll see that we offer many options that will allow our potential clients to make an informed, educated, and, what we hope to be, clear choice of where they're going to spend their hard-earned money for a product they will forever be proud of. Our past clients should be happy as well since we feature not only some select mp3's for everyone's listening pleasure, but also direct links to their websites in order to not only showcase what we can do, but to also help promote all of our artists post-production careers. Although we may not have every single link to every single artist's site, we've done our best to help direct you to as many that are still current and actively pursuing their dream of one day achieving their goals -- making a full-time living as professional musicians.

Our mp3 page is unique in the simple fact that some of these tracks can only be heard right here at Upstart. The original demo from Rival Schools (formerly World's Fastest Car) "Used For Glue" features Walter from Quicksand on Vocals & Guitar and Arty from ET:11/Instruction on bass. We've also got some classic tracks from Motorway To Roswell, High Speed Chase, Eugene, Earthling Massive (with their awesome version of Quicksand's "Omission") & This Afternoon. And although they may be gone, they're certainly not forgotten here at Upstart where we're featuring songs from Adharma, The Unspoken, The June Spirit, Dragpipe, and an amazing cover of Pink Floyd's "Time" by Slushpuppy. In addition, we're also showcasing a track from one of the latest rising stars to come out of the studio -- female fronted hard-rock act Katydid. During the new year, we'll also be rotating songs from many of the other amazing artists that have recorded at Upstart and posting updates as to what our clients are up to in their careers.

We're also in the process of putting the finishing touches on the new LP from Singer/Songwriter Lin McEwan (myspace.com/linmcewan) in addition to continuing with on-going projects End Of October (featuring ex-Hindsight members Marc Giannotti and Greg Corra), and the full-length CD from Bayonne metal masters Avenue F. We've also put the finishing touches on the new CD from Rock-out Record's wonderkids Longspur (to be released 3/06), and the new EP from Wait Until Dark just out this past Fall.

Not only do we work on projects from start to finish, we can also work with existing files from Pro-tools, Logic Audio, Cubase, and almost every other digital soft-ware based platform. Very much the same way we laid-down basic tracks for Swellmob (swellmob.com) to work on in their own home pro-tools rig, which in turn we brought back for final mix here at Upstart.

And we don't just do studio, we do live as well. Chris a.k.a. “Gibby” (Quicksand/Helmet/Handsome/GlassJAw/Local H) is always busy at work behind the consoles at some of the top music venues and showcase rooms in the area, recently mixing such rising stars as Full Scale (Columbia Records), Bloodsimple (Warner Brothers Records), Alston (Scrap 60 Productions), and soon to be signed acts Like Yesterday, Coretez, and Fight Of Your Life. We've also followed up with post-production live sound for past Upstart clients Downstage, Dragpipe, Earthling Massive, Error Type:11, and Slushpuppy.

2006 looks to be another great year as we delve more into commercial and pod-cast production, in addition to the on-going quest for excellence that we always try to bring to our artist's CD productions.
We hope that when you hear and see what to expect at Upstart, you'll agree that we are the premier budget studio where you'll not only get the results that you've always imagined from you music, you'll also enjoy a relaxed but professional atmosphere where you don't feel like the clock is always running. Our client testimonials will certainly attest to that. We're not just some kid with a computer in a basement using you and your music as guinea pigs, we're a collective of like-minded, professional musicians, producers, and engineers who care about what happens with your music and career after you walk out the door. That's why Upstart is still widely known as the Small studio with the BIG sound. Check us out and see what we can do for you.